Geek Gamer Girl Ninjas
by Daisy Chain Cosplay Featuring Jayy Chanell

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Me and my friend Jayy Chanell had so much fun at this shoot with Fred Staten Studios. Jayy is such an awesome girl. She is super sweet and fun, just like Daisy Chain:p We actually just met the day of the shoot, but clicked immediately! This photo shoot lead to a life-time geek girl friendship.

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Geek Girl Gamer Ninjas Photo 1 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Geek Girl Gamer Ninjas Photo 2 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Geek Girl Gamer Ninjas Photo 3 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Geek Girl Gamer Ninjas Photo 4 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Geek Girl Gamer Ninjas Photo 5 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Geek Girl Gamer Ninjas Photo 6 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Geek Girl Gamer Ninjas Photo 7 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Geek Girl Gamer Ninjas Photo 8 | Daisy Chain Cosplay

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Fred Staten Studios

Geek Girl #1
Daisy Chain Cosplay

Geek Girl #2
Jayy Chanell

Jackson, MS

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I am a kind queen who provides her troops with handsome rewards.

NSFW Jessica Rabbit coming to Commander and higher Febuary 2019. The higher your rank, the better the view!

Let's play patty cake!

What video game are you the best at? Or maybe you perfer board games?

I am totally a geek girl gamer ninja. I grew up playing PC games at home and I played some classic consoles at friend's houses. I also enjoy table top games, such as Dungeons and Dragons.

My favorite childhood games were the orginal Wolfenstein, Commander Keen, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

During college I got opsessed with an online gamed called Ikariam. Ikariam has changed a lot since my college days, but the game still exists. I liked to keep the #1 offensive score on the server. My user name was Daisy0606. You might be able to still Google some of my old combat reports:p Ikariam is a very time intensive game and I had to set it aside when I became a single mom. But I still sometimes get an itch to play!!!

I tend to enjoy strategic games involving role play and killing things! Arrrg!!!