Harley Quinn Yoga Lesson | Daisy Chain Cosplay

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Sexy Harley Quinn Yoga by Daisy Chain Cosplay

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Are you ready for Harley Quinn to teach you a lesson?

A yoga lesson!!! Move over Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Harley Quinn is about to teach you how a super villain stays fit. (Daisy Chain Cosplay is dressed as red and black Harley, before Harley turned super hero.)

Arkham Harley Quinn Split by Daisy Chain Cosplay

Arkham Harley Quinn Photo by Fred Staten Studios

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Sexy Harley Quinn Yoga by Daisy Chain Cosplay

#1: Lotus Position

Hey Puddin', I know not everyone is as acrobatic as me, so let's start simple with the Lotus position.

Harley Quinn Yoga - Lotus Position

This position really helps to relax me, after a long day of robbin' banks and gettin' mistreated by Mistah J.

Unfortunately, living a villianous lifestyle is never that simple! You never know when the bat, or the police, are gonna come bargin' in. They have no respect for the tranquil yoga habbits of a super villian!

So I add a gun!!!

Harley Quinn Yoga - Lotus Position with Gun

Then I can practice quickly grabbin' the gun, in case of an emergency.

#2 Matsyendrasana

There are two main reasons I like this position. The first reason is it helps keep me agile. You need to be agile to fight super heros!

Harley Quinn Yoga - Matsyendrasana

The second reason is it really excites Mista J!!!

#3 Ardha Chandrasana

Harley Quinn Yoga - Ardha Chandrasana

Next, Harley is gonna show you the Ardha Chandrasana position. This is really handy because sometimes you gotta keep your balance in high heels while you kick the bat in the face.

Harley Quinn Fighting Batman - Kick

Harley Kicks Batman - Photo by MC Illusion Photography

It is very imortant for Gotham's super villans to stay alter. You might have to kick that bat and pick up a gun at the same time.

#4 Tiger Pose

The tiger is a great pose to work on your hips and hamstrings. You can start like this.

Harley Quinn Yoga - Tiger Pose

After some practice, you'll be able to do "The Horny Tiger". I call it that because that's what Mista J acts like when I do it.

Harley Quinn Yoga - Horny Tiger Pose

If your like me and like to date super villians, it is going to be really important that you know how to excite them. It can be really hard to control Mistah J's temper, but I can't get into trouble doing the Horny Tiger!!!

Sometimes I like to pretend that I am doing it with Mistah J and the bat comes in...

Harley Quinn Yoga - Horny Tiger Fighting

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#5 Playful Kitty

Sexy Harley Quinn Yoga by Daisy Chain Cosplay

The Playful Kitty is Mistah J's favorite!!!

#6 Pancake

Dontcha forget to practice your splits. In every direction.

Sexy Harley Quinn Stripper Split
Harley Quinn - Perfect Pancake
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