Geek Gamer Girl Ninjas Photo Shoot


Photographer: Fred Staten Studios
Geek Gamer Girl Ninja #1: Daisy Chain Cosplay
Geek Gamer Girl Ninja #2: Jayy Chanell
Location: Jackson, MS

Mario gets a coin.  Let's Go!

Geek Gamer Girl Ninjas | Daisy Chain Cosplay and Jay Chanell

I finally got you!

Daisy and Jayy

My friend Jayy Chanell and I had so much fun at this shoot with Fred Staten Studios. Jayy is such an awesome girl. She is super sweet and fun, just like me!:p We only met the day of the shoot, but clicked immediately! This photoshoot led to a life-time friendship.

Geek Girl Pillow Fight! | Daisy Chain Cosplay and Jayy Chanell

Pillow Fight!

Geek Girl Ninja | Daisy Chain Cosplay

Daisy Ninja!

Gamer Girl

I grew up playing PC games at home, and I played some classic consoles at friend's houses, such as Sega Genisis and Nintendo 64. I also enjoy tabletop games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. My favorite childhood games were the original Wolfenstein and Commander Keen.

Geek Gamer Girl | Daisy Chain Cosplay

Playing PS3 #oldSchool

Online Gaming

During college, I got obsessed with an online game called Ikariam. Ikariam has changed a lot since my college days, but the game still exists. I liked to keep the #1 offensive score on the server. My user name was Daisy0606. You might be able to still Google some of my old combat reports :p

Nude Ninja | Daisy Chain Cosplay

Nude Ninja Daisy!

Geek Gamer Girls Selfie | Daisy Chain Cosplay and Jayy Chanell

Gamer Girl Selfie!

Nude Ninja | Jayy Channel #5

Nude Ninja Jayy!


I tend to enjoy strategic games involving role play and killing things! Arrrg!!! When I play D&D, I am almost always a halfling wizard. I am 4'11", love to eat, and have magic powers, so I am like a halfling wizard in real life!

More Cosplay!