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Mistah J, Harley Quinn has been a naughty school girl. She did not complete her mathematics homework and got a D on the exam! Now she is going to need a private tutor. Mistah J shouldn't have to pay!

What should Harley Quinn do to work off the private tutoring sessions?

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School Girl Harley Quinn 1 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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School Girl Harley Quinn 2 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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School Girl Harley Quinn 3 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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School Girl Harley Quinn 1 | Daisy Chain Cosplay

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Photographer: Fred Staten Studios
School Girl Harley Quinn: Daisy Chain Cosplay
Location: Jackson, MS

What version of Harley Quinn do you want to seee me do next?

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Mistah J agrees that Harley should be put to work, to pay off the private tutoring debt. But doesn't think that is punishment enough! He had Harley strip naked and go on all fours in the Playful Kitty Position. Then he gave her a spanking!

To further punish Harley Quinn, he will not be the one to put her to work. He wants you to tell Harley Quinn how to make the tutoring money. We all know she's very talented. Please choose wisely!

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This costume is a Daisy Chain Cosplay orginal (socks and bra from Hot Topic). I wore it to my first Con as a cosplay guest: Clermont Comic Con. I finished this costume the night before, in my hotel room. A cosplay tradition that continues!!!

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