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These 3 Harley Quinn Bikini Prints are avilable in a set!

I am modeling a Hot Topic Harley Quinn bikini.

Harley Quinn orginated in Batman: The Animated Series. After getting popular, she became a comicbook character.

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Harley Quinn Bikini Cosplay 1 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Harley Quinn Bikini Cosplay 2 | Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Harley Quinn Bikini Cosplay 3 | Daisy Chain Cosplay

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Photographer: Adam Smith
Bikini Harley Quinn: Daisy Chain Cosplay
Location: Destin, FL

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You know Harley Quinn gets pretty playful? The photographer took me to an area of the beach that not that many people know about. Harley didn't keep her suit on the whole time! There are more Harley Quinn Bikini photos at each level of my army.
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Queen's Commanders (and higher tiers) have photos with less clothes! The higher the tier, the better the view!
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Not hot enough for you? After this shoot, I went back to the photographer's house. He has a shower in his backyard. After rolling around, naked in the sand, Harley Quinn got sand EVERYWHERE!!!

She had to shower naked! Photos from that shoot (completely unedited) are avilable to Queen's Concubine and Special Forces.
C'mon Puddin', dontcha wanna rev up your Harley?

Daisy Chain Cosplay owns several Harley Quinn bikinis.

The first episode of Batman: The Animated Series that Harley Quinn appeared in was called "Joker's Favor".

Daisy Chain Cosplay is best known for her resemblence to Harley Quinn.