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You are more than welcome to repost any of my website/social media pictures on your website and/or social media as long as you properly credit me. Please link my website (daisychaincosplay.com) if you post my pics on your website or Reddit. Please either link my website or social media if you post my pictures on your social media.

If you want me to share your blog and/or reposted pics of me with my audience, please drop me a message and let me know!

Wanna interview me for your blog? Feel free to send me questions and a link to your website. Also ackowledge in your message that you will link my website in the article.

If you have a YouTube Channel or Podcast, I can answer questions via video. Please include relavent links in your message.


I recently left the tech industry to devote my time to cosplay! I am looking to do some shoots! If you are someone I worked well with in the past, of course I want to do another shoot with you!!!

I am also eager to meet new photographers! Here is some information for photographers wanting to shoot with me for the first time.

Photography Links

Please include link(s) to your photography website and/or social media.

Nude Shoots

I will not get naked the first time I work with a photographer. Well, maybe I will. But that depends on my report with the photographer. I ignore any messages that lead with asking me to get naked. I also do not share rights on nude pics (besides implied nude). I own the rights to my kitty.

Body Paint Shoots

I love body paint!!! If you have a bodypainter you use, please include the link to his page. If you do not have a bodypainter in mind, I can reach out to the famous Jessie Melaro.

Trade Shoots

I am open to trade shoots with experienced photographers. Here is the deal...

(1) We share rights on cosplay photos. I do not share rights on pics that show my special woman parts. I do share rights on implied nude or pasties + underwear. We don't have to do any pics that show my special lady parts.

(2) We both get relavent content to work with. My audience likes cosplay/nerd girl stuff. I don't mind doing something else for you, but we will also have to do a cosplay/nerd girl thing for me.

(3) I am a single mom doing what she can in this crazy world. Making and preparing for a cospaly shoot is a lot of time and work. 95% chance I will need 1-5 full res photos with print rights. I am not going to make a million dollars off the prints. Hopefully I will get my money back for my costs.

(4) You're not experienced? I may still be willing to do a trade shoot to help you learn. Just be honest about your goals and experience and I am sure we can work something out!

(5) If the pictures come out nice, I will post them on my website with a link to your photography page and share on Twitter, Facebook, and IG.

Paid Shoots - You Pay Me

Don't want to share the rights to your photos? You can pay me to model for you! My rates range $150-$300 an hour. Travel expenses may also apply, if you want me to leave South Florida. I will not do full nude at this price range. I will do body paint, implied nude or gstring + pasties type stuff.

Paid Shoots - I Pay You

Don't want rights to the pictures? I sometimes pay for full shoots. I usually like to do a trade shoot prior to hiring a photographer as I will also want nudes from a shoot I pay for. I normally pay about $75 - $100 for a shoot, but what I am willing to pay depends on the quality of your work and the number of pics I get back. Unless you have worked with models that I know, I will probably want to start with a trade shoot.

If you want to use some of the clothed pics for your protfolio, I am fine with that.