Curvy Vampirella by Daisy Chain Cosplay


At the begining of Vampirella's story her people are dying out due to a drought. A space ship from Earth crash lands on Drakulon (Vampirella's planet). Earthling Astronauts attack Vampirella. She finds out that she can feed from their veins. Vampirella uses the crashed ship to find Earth in hopes of saving her people.

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Vampirella Cosplay - Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Vampirella Cosplay - Daisy Chain Cosplay
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Vampirella Cosplay - Daisy Chain Cosplay

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Photographer: Fred Staten Studios
Vampirella: Daisy Chain Cosplay
Location: Jackson, MS

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Dracula was also from Drakulon, but he went evil. In contrast, Vampirella is a good hearted Vampire who helps humanity by ridding the world of evil people.

Chaos is the crazy G-d that corrupted Dracula

Blood-Red Queen of Hearts was also refered to as the Whore of Babylon. She served Chaos as a high priestess. One day she asked Chaos to make her his queen and he punished her. She no longer has a human form, but still longs to be Chaos's queen.